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Alsip: 12340 S Keeler Ave, Alsip, IL 60803
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Baker Perkins Planetary Mixer Overhaul at MixerWorks

Case Convert
This case study explores the comprehensive overhaul of a 150-gallon Baker Perkins planetary mixer undertaken by MixerWorks, a leading provider of industrial mixing solutions.


The project involved more than just routine maintenance. Our client required extensive refurbishments and upgrades to meet their stringent specifications for their Baker Perkins planetary mixer.


The primary goal was to significantly improve the mixer’s operational efficiency and lifespan, ensuring it strictly adhered to the client’s specific needs. The project aimed to restore the Baker Perkins planetary mixer to like-new condition, addressing all aspects of wear and functionality.

Process and Implementation

  • Initial Assessment and Disassembly

    A complete disassembly of the Baker Perkins planetary mixer allowed for a thorough examination of all components. This stage involved meticulous inspection to identify wear levels and potential failure points.
  • Main Frame and Structural Repairs

    The main frame of the Baker Perkins planetary mixer exhibited significant wear, which our team meticulously repaired. We polished internal wear marks to create a smooth surface, minimizing future friction and wear. All bearings, seals, and gaskets were replaced to ensure a leak-proof assembly that could withstand demanding mixing processes.
  • Component-Specific Refurbishments

    • Planetary Gear Assembly

      The first stage of the planetary gear assembly in the Baker Perkins planetary mixer was in good condition and required no intervention. However, the second stage underwent a complete rebuild, including reconditioning of planetary gears and associated pinions, along with lapping and polishing of pinion gears.
    • Timing Adjustments

      Precise timing adjustments were made to synchronize all mixer shafts in their orbital motion, a crucial factor for homogenous mixing in the Baker Perkins planetary mixer.
    • Mixer Blades Enhancements

      Worn mixer blades and shafts of the Baker Perkins planetary mixer were repaired by polishing the paddle and planetary shafts, and replacing worn ring sleeves. This ensured the integrity of the mixer’s motion and effectiveness.
    • Falk Gearbox Overhaul

      The Falk gearbox of the Baker Perkins planetary mixer underwent a complete overhaul, including rewinding and baking the armature to restore electrical efficiency, and repairing the motor for reliable power delivery.
  • Final Assembly and Painting

    After all components were repaired or replaced, the Baker Perkins planetary mixer was meticulously reassembled. The entire frame was sandblasted and then painted according to the client’s specifications to meet environmental and operational requirements.

Challenges Encountered

Synchronization of Planetary Gears

Achieving perfect orbital synchronization of the Baker Perkins planetary mixer presented a significant challenge due to the precision required in aligning numerous moving parts.

Custom Repairs

Fulfilling the client’s specific requirements for their Baker Perkins planetary mixernecessitated innovative engineering solutions and meticulous attention to detail during the customization of repairs.



The rebuilt Baker Perkins planetary mixer demonstrated significant improvements in operational efficiency, with enhanced durability and reliability. Compliance with the client’s specifications not only met but exceeded expectations,fostering a long-term partnership. This successful overhaul significantly extended the mixer’s service life, reducing future maintenance costs and downtime.


This project exemplifies MixerWorks’ expertise in undertaking complex industrial mixer overhauls, specifically for Baker Perkins planetary mixers. Our comprehensive approach, encompassing detailed assessments, meticulous repairs, precise adjustments, and customization, ensures that equipment is restored to meet the specific needs of each client. The successful completion of this project sets a new benchmark in the maintenance and refurbishment of industrial mixing equipment, particularly Baker Perkins planetary mixers.