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Continuous Mixer Repair

The Continuous Mixer is a cost-effective alternative to traditional compounding technologies for highly loaded, temperature-sensitive, and abrasive polymers. Mixerworks repairs all makes and models of Continuous mixers and offers a 6-month warranty on all repairs.
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Continuous Mixer Repair

A continuous mixer breakdown can cause costly downtime and disrupt several processes at your plant. Money simply flies out the window when your process breaks down. We can assist you in overcoming these critical issues by restoring your Continuous mixer to full operational status at a reasonable cost and in a fraction of the time OEMs estimate (9-12 months on average). We can have you up in running in a fraction of that time.


Your Continuous Mixer equipment can be brought back to life by MixerWorks’ dedicated Repair & Modernization Team, which can meet or surpass OEM requirements. To improve the reliability, performance, and longevity of your existing mixing equipment, our technicians will perform point-by-point inspections, equipment rebuilds, upgrades, and much more. We work with a variety of manufacturer brands, and our goal is to help you get the most out of your mixer by conducting targeted repairs and upgrades.


Evaluations of Mixer Performance and Upkeep

We can evaluate your mixing facility on-site and also provide full inspection reports with repair and/or parts recommendations to optimize your process. With over 200 years of combined knowledge, our team can plan your preventative maintenance schedule for the years ahead, lowering your total cost of ownership.


Inspection and pick-up are free.

We will pick up and inspect your mixer for free. With two convenient locations and our well-established national trucking network, we can get a truck to you within 24 hours, and in many cases the same day. We will waive the shipping expenses if you are happy with the conditions of the quote, otherwise you’ll just have to pay for return shipping


  • Sigma Blade Mixers
  • Mixtruders
  • Double Sigma Blade
  • Double Arm Mixers
  • Two Wing Tangential Rotors
  • Mixing Chamber with Tilt Discharge
  • Profiled Pressure Lid
  • Variable Speed Drive
  • Dry-Type Mechanical Seal Dust Stops
  • Cooling Jackets: Chamber, Rotors and Pressure Lid
  • Mixing Data Acquisition
  • Front or Rear Material Feed
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Gear Box by Sumitomo Heavy Industries
…And Much More
Aoustin Continuous Mixer Repair

Our Capabilities

To handle any Industrial Mixer, our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art inspection and repair equipment.

We Utilize:

  • Small and large lathes for re-machining parts.
  • Heavy duty vertical presses and boring mills to assist the repairing process.
  • Latest vibration and oil analysis equipment.
  • Original spare parts and materials from certified suppliers only,  to perform Continuous Mixer Repairs.
  • Our CNC and gear cutting shop to manufacture/fabricate hard to get parts.
  • Controlled and supervised environments when performing repair/upgrading services, maintaining quality in every product delivered.
  • Quality assurance procedures to ensure Mixer functionality and operating standards.
  • Procedures to document each step of the repair test run requested by the customer.
  • Extended warranties for  Continuous mixers requiring complete refurbishment.
More Services
Parts & Fabrication

We’ve replaced and produced thousands of hard-to-find Continuous mixer parts throughout the years. If we don’t have the item you need or it’s no longer manufactured, we will create it to match or exceed OEM specifications. We’ve got machines from companies founded more than 70 years ago that require parts that are no longer available. We’ve been producing parts for firms like 3M, Dow, and Hershey’s since the 1930s. You can trust MixerWorks to create the right part.

Farrel Mixer Repair

We have replaced, repaired and fabricated a plethora of Sigma Blades, Single Blades, Choppers, Paddles and more. Call us today for more info. 

We can replace, rebuild or fabricate any extruder part including the screws, shafts & barrels. Just Give us a Call.

We fabricate all of our gears in-house to your custom specification or to OEM specs. Either way you will get a precision product backed by our 12 month guarantee.

We can fabricate custom shafts or reverse engineer your existing broken shafts. 

What Is Your Next Step?

What’s Next for You?

When we finish your Continuous Mixer Repair, it will return to your process renewed, refreshed, ready to perform for years to come.

* You will be receiving a machine that is in “New” condition and will meet or exceed OEM specs.

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Ideally situated

The Mixer Company, with two facilities in Chicago and one in Houston, repairs all continuous process equipment. High-speed dough mixers, auto feeds, batch dissolvers, and more. Since the 1930s, we’ve been refurbishing Continuous equipment and are the industry leader in Continuous Mixer Repair.

Aoustin Continuous Mixer Repair

A Little History

Thanks to its more than decades of experience in polymer processing, Continuous Mixer technology enables greater energy and maintenance efficiency, maximum on-stream time, and a faster return on investment. Mixerworks is the place to go for Continuous Mixer Repair.


Continuous Mixing Technology employs two counter-rotating, non-intermeshing rotors and a huge free volume mixing chamber. The large mixing chamber allows for greater material circulation and distribution mixing, while the unique rotor design allows for shear and dispersive mixing.


Continuous mixing is a one-of-a-kind technology for blending highly loaded, shear, and temperature-sensitive polymers that outperforms the standard twin-screw extruder.


Other noteworthy characteristics include: 

  • A single big feed port that can accommodate huge filler loads and irregularly sized materials.
  • The mixing intensity may be adjusted based on rotor speed, operating volume, temperature, and orifice location.
  • The typical 6 L/D gives a short residence time for the polymer and a reduced heat history for the polymer while yet ensuring a high-quality mixture at the processor’s exit.
  • Components that are modular for easier maintenance and increased production time
Readco Mixer