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Gemco Mixer

GEMCO slant cones are designed for sensitive powders that deteriorate under brute force shearing from paddles, augers and screws… and reducing production time by up to 50%. In the event of failure, Mixerworks can Rebuild and Repair all makes and models of Gemco mixers backed by a 6 month guarantee.

Gemco Mixer

GEMCO manufactures mixers and blenders for powder materials in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and additive manufacturing industries. Thousands of powder blending and drying machines have been placed in 37 countries across the world, and they build superior technology that makes their manufacturing processes operate quicker, cleaner, and more efficiently. You can count on Mixerworks for your Gemco Mixer repair Mixer Repair.


Slant cones from GEMCO are ideal for even the most delicate powders that can’t withstand the shearing power of paddles, augers, and screws.


In many circumstances, rebuilding is less expensive than buying new. Upgrades can make your GEMCO Mixer appear as if it just came off the assembly line. MixerWorks’ dedicated Repair & Modernization Team can bring your Gemco Mixer equipment back to life and meet or exceed OEM standards. Our technicians will conduct point-by-point inspections, equipment rebuilds, upgrades, and much more to increase the reliability, performance, and longevity of your existing mixing equipment. We serve many manufacturer brands and our goal is to maximize the performance of your mixer through targeted repair and upgrading.


The Mixer Company only uses the highest quality parts on your Gemco Mixer rebuild and provides warranty options that are unsurpassed by any other company.


Mixer Performance  Evaluations  and Maintenance:

We are all about no production interruptions.
To optimize your production process, we can perform an on-site inspection of your mixing facility and deliver detailed inspection reports with repair and/or parts recommendations. We can help REDUCE downtime. With  a combined experience of 200 years, our personnel can map your preventative maintenance program for the years to come, and lower your total cost of ownership.


Centrally Located:

With 2 locations in Chicago and one in Houston; The Mixer Company Repairs all Gemco process equipment. From, High-Speed Dough Mixers, Auto feeders, Batch dissolvers and more! We have been rebuilding Gemco machines since the 1930’s and lead the industry in Gemco Mixer repair.


Free Pick Up and Inspection:

We offer free pickup and inspection of your mixer. We can get a truck to you within 24 hours, and in many cases the same day, thanks to our two convenient locations. We’re able to accomplish this via our well-established national trucking network. If you are satisfied with the terms of the quote we will waive the shipping costs. If not, you would just pay for  return shipping.


  • Agitator Assemblies
  • Air Rotary union Seal Replacement (blenders only)
  • Air Rotary union Seal Replacement (dryers only)
  • Automatic Air Line Oiler
  • Blender, Dryer and Formulator General Maintenance
  • Dryer/Formulator General Installation Instructions
  • Gemcomatic Blender Operating Procedures
  • Leveling and Aligning your blender, dryer or Formulator
  • Mores Clutch Removal
  • Sumimoto Buddy Box Removal
  • Vacuum Dryer Maintenance

…And Much More

An unexpected Gemco Mixer failure can result in costly downtime, affecting several operations at your facility. When your process stops, money is literally flying out the window. We can help you overcome these critical situations by restoring your Gemco Mixer to be fully operational again, affordably, and in a fraction of the time OEM’s quote,  which typically take 9-12 months!

a machine that says 220 volts on it

Our Capabilities

Our factories are equipped with state of the art inspection and repair equipment to handle any Industrial Mixer.

We Utilize:

  • Small and large lathes for re-machining parts.
  • Heavy duty vertical presses and boring mills to assist the repairing process.
  • Latest vibration and oil analysis equipment.
  • Original spare parts and materials from certified suppliers only,  to perform Gemco Mixer repairs.
  • Our CNC and gear cutting shop to manufacture/fabricate hard to get parts.
  • Controlled and supervised environments when performing repair/upgrading services, maintaining quality in every product delivered.
  • Quality assurance procedures to ensure Mixer functionality  and operating standards.
  • Procedures to document each step of the repair test run requested by the customer.
  • Extended warranties for  Gemco Mixers requiring complete refurbishment.
More Services
Parts & Fabrication

Over the years, we have replaced and fabricated thousands of hard to find Gemco mixer parts. If we don’t have the part you are looking for, or it’s no longer made, we will fabricate it to meet or exceed OEM requirements. We’ve had machines from companies that were built over 70 years ago that require parts that just don’t exist anymore.  Since the 1930’s, we have made parts for companies like 3M, Dow, and Hershey’s just to name a few. You can rely on MixerWorks to make the correct part.

a machine that has a danger sign on it

We have replaced, repaired and fabricated a plethora of Sigma Blades, Single Blades, Choppers, Paddles and more. Call us today for more info. 

We can replace, rebuild or fabricate any extruder part including the screws, shafts & barrels. Just Give us a Call.

We fabricate all of our gears in-house to your custom specification or to OEM specs. Either way you will get a precision product backed by our 12 month guarantee.

We can fabricate custom shafts or reverse engineer your existing broken shafts. 

What Is Your Next Step?

After completing your AMF Mixer Repair, it leaves our plant revitalized, refreshed and built to last for years to come.* Your “New” conditioned mixer will meet and many times exceed the OEM specifications.

Schedule a Tour

Schedule a Tour of One of Our Plants by our Shop. We have expertise in numerous other OEM brands including Baker Perkins, among others.

If you need additional services, check our our  Centrifuge and  Gearbox rebuilding services.

MixerWorks Services

A Little History

The General Machine Company of New Jersey (a name later shortened to GEMCO) began operations in 1916 as a general machine shop to the growing industry around Newark, NJ. During the First World War, DuPont, then a major contractor to the US Military, sought a faster and safer way to produce gunpowder. Out of this project, the double cone blender was born.


After the war’s conclusion, the growing automobile industry created additional opportunities for the blender in producing custom pigments for automobile manufacturers. Ultimately, circa 1935, the double cone tumble blender was issued its original patent.


The unique concept of the tumble blender created a demand such that it blossomed into a product line that ended GEMCO’s days as a job shop. Product development followed customer’s needs and requests; truly implementing the “innovation circle”. Today, nearly 30 different industries utilize GEMCO’s equipment.


We are not the Gemco Mixer OEM, however  we do service their products.

Gemco Mixer