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oPtimal Mixer Repair

Jaygo Mixer

Jaygo Mixer Repair

Centrally Located, with 2 locations in Chicago and one in Houston; The Mixer Company Repairs all Jaygo process equipment. Such as Double Arm Mixers and Mixer Extruders designed to mix, blend, disperse, and knead high and very high viscosity products. Double Arm Mixers include two mixing blades, normally“Sigma” shaped, but also available in“Dispersion”, or“Double Nobbin” shapes. This is why we are the process industry leader when it comes to Jaygo Mixer repair. We have been in the industrial service of rebuilding Jaygo machines since the 1930s and are the ONE-AND-only company you can count on with your machinery.
 The Mixer Company has the skills and manpower needed to complete your Jaygo Mixer Repair properly and expediently when needing basic service or when they unexpectedly fail on you and your process. Our logistics team will aid in getting the Jaygo Mixer out of your plant location and into our shop. 
 Our Engineers and Technicians have a combined 200 years of experience and will have your machines running longer and more efficiently than the day it was brand new.  The Mixer Company only uses the highest quality parts on your Jaygo Mixer rebuild. We provide warranty options that are unsurpassed by any other company. 
  • Sigma Blade Mixers
  • Mixtruders
  • Double Sigma Blade
  • Double Arm Mixers
  • Knead Mixers UCP & NOVAMIX
  • TWIN Screw Continuous Mixers
  • Single Screw Extruders
  • Naben Blades
  • Wishbone Blades
  • Mechanical Or Hydraulic Drive System
  • Jacketed Mixing Troughs Or Heating And Cooling
  • Designed For Pressure, Vacuum, Or Inert Gas Operation
  • Remote Operator Control
  • Specialized Die Heads / Special Extrusion Spouts
  • Automated Operation Of Cover Via Hydraulic Piston
  • Cored Blades Of Various Design
  • …And Much More
Jaygo Mixer Repair

Why Choose The Mixer Company for Jaygo Mixer Repair and Rebuilding Services?

An unexpected Jaygo Mixer Failure results in costly downtime, affecting several operations at your facility. When your process stops, money is literally flying out the window. The Mixer Company helps you overcome these critical situations by restoring your Jaygo Mixers back to operation quickly and affordable. You could send your machine back to the OEM only to find that there is a minimum 9-12 month backlog on repairs. The Mixer Company can have your Jaygo Mixer rebuilt and back to you in a fraction of that time.
Jaygo Mixer Repair

The Mixer Company Shop Capabilities.

Our factories are well-packed with the latest state of the art inspection and repairing equipment to handle any Industrial Mixer. This is our business and this is all we do since the 1930’s so, we are prepared with the machinery and people to complete your Jaygo Mixer Rebuild.

We Utilize:
  • Small and large lathes that help in re-machining parts.
  • Heavy-duty vertical presses and boring mills to assist the repairing process.
  • Latest vibration and oil analysis equipment.
  • We only use original spare parts to perform Jaygo Mixer repairs. We procure spare parts and other materials from certified suppliers only.
  • We manufacture/fabricate hard to get parts in our CNC and gear cutting shop.
  • We perform the repair/upgrade services in a controlled and supervised environment. This allows us to maintain quality in every product delivered.
  • We follow the most aggressive quality assurance procedures to ensure that the unit is functional to the expected quality standards.
  • We document each step of the repair and test runs as requested by the customers.
  • We offer extended warranties for those Jaygo Mixers requiring complete refurbishment.
Jaygo Mixer Repair

Jaygo Mixer Parts and Fabrication

If you have a Jaygo mixer part that needs to be replaced, contact us. We either have it in stock, our we can fabricate it. Over the years we have fabricated thousands of hard to find replacement Jaygo mixer parts. We have had machines from companies that were built over 70 years ago come into our shop in need of a part that literally does not exist anymore. We have fabricated parts since the 1930s for companies like 3M, Dow, and Hershey’s just to name a few. We have successfully executed and exceeded OEM standards.

Now That Your Jaygo Mixer Overhaul is Complete…

When we complete a Jaygo Mixer Repair, the Jaygo Mixer leaves our plant to go back to work in your process, revitalized, refreshed and with new life in it that is built to last for decades to come.* You are getting a machine that is in“New” condition that will meet and many times exceed the OEM specifications
MixerWorks Mixer Repair

Are You Still Not Sure About Using Our Services?

Schedule a Tour of One of Our Plants. Come Visit Us. Let us show you our capabilities –  Feel free to call 1-855-910-7155to schedule a tour of one of our plants. Also,  Check out the Video below to go on a virtual online tour of one of our many plant locations. Click here to read more about our Jaygo Mixer Repair capabilities. Also,  Check out the Video below to go on a virtual online tour of one of our many plant locations.   

Jaygo Mixer History 

The Read Machinery Co., Inc. was founded in 1906 by Harry Read for the purpose of manufacturing vertical mixers and bakers’ machinery. With facilities located in Glen Rock, PA and another in southwest York – Read Machinery became one of the world’s largest manufacturers of bakery machinery. At its peak, Jaygo employed 190 people at its Glen Rock plant before losing it to fire in 1921.
Operations continued at the York, PA plant where over the years, Read Machinery would manufacture many different types of mixing equipment– including ribbon blenders, vertical mixers, Sigma blade batch mixers, pug mills, and pin mixers. In the 1920s the company expanded its product line to include process equipment for the chemical industry; specializing in pressure vessels, vacuum mixers and material handling equipment within their chemical division.
The creation of a chemical division allowed Read Machinery to gain entry into the United States war effort a decade later during the opening years of World War II. In 1938 Jaygo began work on mixers to be used for smokeless explosive powders. In that same year, Read Machinery was awarded the first-ever private contract from the U.S. Army to manufacture 60mm. trench mortars and would later manufacture 105mm. high explosive shells. (continue reading on the Jaygo Site)
We are not the Jaygo OEM but we do service their products. If you would like to contact Jaygo you can contact them at:

Jaygo Incorporated

7 Emery Avenue Randolph, New Jersey 07869
Website: www.jaygoinc.com

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