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Industrial Mixer Repair Services

Your industrial mixer works hard to keep operations running smoothly, and when it becomes faulty, you need reliable, superior repair and rebuild services. MixerWorld provides comprehensive diagnosis for precise restoration and mixer parts fabrication, ensuring your plant keeps functioning at its best. With quality services and a passion for excellence, our team offers a seamless experience so you can focus on productivity. 


We provide full mixture customization and rebuild industrial mixers to match and exceed OEM specifications, lowering your overall cost of ownership and decreasing lag time.


Your lower costs are coupled with superior-performing equipment, unmatched reliability and increased quality. We can help keep you at peak efficiency with a complete process evaluation to address mechanical problems and develop solutions to minimize downtime and improve your process. Call us to see how we can provide you with greater efficiency and savings.

Discover Why Thousands Choose Us

MixerWorks has extensive industry experience with superior industrial mixer repair services. See why thousands choose us:

  • Boosted efficiency: Our repairs meet and exceed original standards.
  • Transparency: We value communication with our customers, from the initial inspection to the repair process.
  • Comprehensive diagnosis: With our Non-Destructive Testing and Inspection (NDTI), you’re assured of a precise diagnosis.
  • Reliability: Get hard-to-find parts and components on extended backorders.
  • Unmatched quality: Boost your systems with enhanced equipment.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Choosing blending equipment restoration provides you with a reduced cost of ownership.
  • Seamless process: Get a quote detailing the proposed repairs, which you can peruse. Once you accept the quote, we’ll transport and repair your mixer.
  • Free shipping: We’ll ship your mixer for free when you approve our quote.

Emergency Mixer Rebuild and Repair

The professional team at MixerWorks is well-versed in all models and types of industrial mixers, providing you with unmatched service and optimal repairs. Our quality restoration, fabrication and rebuilding of industrial mixers will improve your plant’s performance and boost operational efficiency. Take a look at the services we provide, and get in touch with one of our experts today.

Sigma Blade Rebuilding

We do reverse engineering of any Sigma blade and shaft you may have. With full shop capabilities, we're equipped to handle anything from the largest of jobs to the smallest.

Blending Equipment Restoration

MixerWorks rebuilds and remanufactures industrial mixing and blending machinery and produces process solutions to enhance plant performance, eliminate downtime and lower energy and maintenance costs. In fact, we provide lower total cost over the life of your equipment while increasing the integrity of the mixer beyond the OEM code.

Mixer Parts Fabrication – and Customization

We can replace and fabricate any part that is hard to find or out of production. When you partner with us, you get machinists who are masters in their craft and engineers with unparalleled expertise. By reverse engineering industrial mixer parts, we provide equipment components identical to the OEM specifications. MixerWorks repairs all Sigma Blade Mixer process equipment, from high-speed Dough Mixers to Mixer Machines and more. We are the process industry leader in repairs and have been fixing machines built since the 1930s. Trust MixerWorld to provide impeccable quality and unrivaled service for your expensive industrial hardware.

Full Mixer Customization

We offer complete mixer customization and full modification to provide tailored solutions that fit your plant and industry needs. MixerWorks designs and remanufactures industrial mixing machinery and creates process solutions to enhance plant performance and lower energy and upkeep expenses. Our expert engineers can: -Add a Jacket -Create a custom vacuum top for your mixer -Increase the bowl size in most cases If you can think of it, we can do it. Our innovative approach and superior engineering capabilities respond to your manufacturing and plant needs, accounting for your business growth and development.

On-Site Repair Services

We provide on-site measuring assistance and inspecting, measuring and aligning equipment at your facility. We integrate portable, accurate laser and laser tracking systems and mechanical, optical and electronic measurement tools with software for calculating your industrial machine's accuracy without the restrictions of traditional stationary CMMs.

Superior Mixer Parts Fabrication and Repair Services

MixerWorks provides superior blending equipment restoration, mixer parts fabrication and industrial mixer repair services you can rely on. Ensure you remain productive and boost efficiency with full mixer customization that matches and exceeds original standards. Save on costs and prevent extended waits. Have us evaluate your industrial mixer for a comprehensive, quality overhaul that can increase longevity and energy efficiency.

Call one of our shops closest to you today to discuss the best option. You can also contact us online by filling out our form or visit a MixerWorks shop to see firsthand why we’ve been the industrial mixer repair service provider of choice for over 80 years.