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Alsip: 12340 S Keeler Ave, Alsip, IL 60803
Chicago: 9212 Cherry Ave, Franklin Park, IL 60131

Got An Emergency?
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Sigma Blade Repair

Revitalize your sigma mixers with expert Sigma Blade Repair by The Mixer Company
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Sigma Blade Mixer Repair and Rebuild

Your Sigma blade mixers are reliable, robust and versatile. You need operations to keep running smoothly so you can meet deadlines and move on to the next project. When your industrial mixer blades show signs of wear and tear and need repairs, getting superior Sigma blade mixer repair work is nonnegotiable. We at MixerWorks have years of industry expertise in rebuilding, repairing and maintaining Sigma blades and mixers. Increase your productivity and boost operations with industrial blade mixer repairs and rebuilds you can rely on.


We understand the importance of time and know that your time is money. As Sigma blade repair specialists, we get your industrial machine up and running quickly, in most cases faster than the OEM. With our same- or next-day pickup and unparalleled customer service, you get efficiency and enhanced operations that can save you costs and decrease downtime.


Revitalize your Sigma mixers with expert Sigma blade repair by MixerWorks

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Experience the MixerWorks Difference

When your Sigma blade mixer is faulty, consider getting it evaluated for solutions that fit your plant and manufacturing needs. Our professional team is well-versed in ensuring your Sigma blades operate at their best capacity. Expert repair and rebuilding services can lower downtime and energy use, optimizing your facility and lowering your overall ownership costs. A superior repair or rebuild can:

  • Save you money: An overhaul by our professional team can prevent you from purchasing new equipment, which can be more costly.
  • Target specific issues: With comprehensive testing mechanisms, you get accurate repairs.
  • Boost efficiency: We go above OEM specifications for superior efficiency.
  • Enhance your Sigma mixer: Our repair and rebuilding services boost your industrial equipment for better performance, aiding longevity.
  • Offer unmatched reliability: We can expertly fabricate hard-to-find parts.

We examine your Sigma mixer with our comprehensive Non-Destructive Testing and Inspection (NDTI) and furnish you with a detailed quote. Once you accept the quote and award us the job, we will transport your mixer to our facility for repairs, providing you with free shipping.

The Leading Destination for Sigma Blade Mixer Rebuild Services

Understanding the critical impact of downtime, our mission is to reduce energy and maintenance costs and enhance the longevity and integrity of your equipment. We go beyond standard OEM specifications, offering solutions that bring your Sigma mixers back to life with efficiency and reliability at the core of what we do.

Sigma Blade Repair Specialists

With extensive knowledge and unrivaled industry expertise, MixerWorks can revitalize virtually any Sigma mixers and blenders. Working with major brands such as Readco, Jaygo, AMK and Baker Perkins, we perform top-quality overhauls that optimize your equipment and improve your plant’s performance. Our facilities can machine, repair, re-sleeve, chrome build-up or replace faulty blades, paddles and shafts.


Give your Sigma mixer a new lease on life for operational excellence and sustainable repairs that save energy and maintenance costs. Our stringent quality testing, strict supervision and meticulous attention to detail will ensure you get the highest standards for peace of mind.

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Sigma Mixer Rebuilds

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Sigma Mixer Rebuilds

Our capabilities shine when faced with the most challenging repair scenarios. Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with the latest inspection and repair technologies, ensuring that every Sigma mixer blade repair is executed with precision and quality.

An unexpected Sigma mixer blade failure can halt your operations, leading to significant financial losses. Unlike OEMs with lengthy repair backlogs, MixerWorks guarantees a quick, affordable and reliable return to operation. Our extensive inventory of original spare parts, coupled with our ability to fabricate hard-to-find components, ensures that your Sigma mixers are back in action in no time.

Our commitment to quality is unwavering.

Each repair and upgrade service is meticulously supervised and controlled, ensuring adherence to the highest quality standards. With extended warranties on complete refurbishments, we are your trusted partner in Sigma Blade Repair.

MixerWorks for Superior Sigma Mixer Repair

Whether you need a minor Sigma mixer repair, work done on the paddles or shafts, or complete Sigma blade mixer rebuilding, we’re your Sigma blade repair specialists. Avoid extended lag time that can cost you money and hurt your timelines. The professional team at MixerWorks has the solution for you, getting your industrial mixer up and running and increasing production. We have expertise in numerous OEM brands, such as Baker Perkins, among others. 


Call one of our shops today to find out more. You can also contact us through our online form or visit us in person, and we’ll be happy to discuss the best option for your manufacturing plant.

Contact us today and let The Mixer Company restore efficiency and reliability to your mixing operations.

 For emergency services, please call us directly. Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your sigma mixers are in the hands of the experts.

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